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100MEGA Company Ltd. was founded in 1991

as a wholesaler of computer components and a computer manufacturer. It is Currently one of the biggest IT distribution companies in the Czech Republic.
Today, we are one of the most important distributors in the Czech market and the biggest local manufacturer of computers - HAL3000.
The stability of our company is declared on the market for plenty of years in a regular year on year rise in turnover and profit.
The Headquarters, warehouse and computer production line are located in Brno.
100MEGA Distribution Company Ltd. has branch offices in Prague, Ostrava, Bratislava and Ceske Budejovice.

The present:
The company's turnover in 2019 reached 120 million USD. The head office is located in modern and well-equipped buildings with a sufficient capacity for rapid sale and technical support.

The future:
Our goal is to maintain the position as the biggest local manufacturer of computers and provide professional services to our customers. We create a stable background for our customers from the Czech and Slovak Republic. Professional communication, know - how and many years of experiences guarantee the security and stability of the whole company. Quality production, large logistics facilities and many awards for our computer brand HAL3000 guarantee high quality of our products.

Certificate ISO 9001-2001:
100MEGA Distribution Company Ltd. achieved ISO 9001-2001 standard. Quality certificate applies to the entire company and covers assembly and distribution of personal computers, service and distribution of computer components.
The ISO 9001-2001 standard credit is the result of several months procedure. During this period a BVQI auditor checked management of the company, assembling and service process and customers handling process.

100MEGA Distribution in the data:
1991 100MEGA Ltd. was founded
1994 100MEGA Distribution Ltd. was founded
1997 Branches offices in Ostrava, Plzen and Prague established
2001 Production and sale of computer HAL3000 began
2004 Head office in Brno moved to a new building. Branch office in Ceske Budejovice established
2005 100Mega Distribution Ltd. took over all activities of the company 100MEGA Ltd. The acquisition of Vanette Ltd. company, ISO 9000-2001 certificate
2006 Acquisition of the company IT Planet Ltd., first 10,000 pieces of computers HAL3000 were produced
2007 HALshop store chain set up, first stores opened
2008 Strategic DELL and Samsung distribution contracts, 18,000 computers HAL3000 produced
2010 100MEGA Slovakia Ltd. in Bratislava established
2012 100 000 pieces of computers HAL3000 sold
2018 Acquisition of the ASM ans I4WIFI companies
2020 230 000 pieces of computers HAL3000 sold

100MEGA Distribution, s.r.o.
Železná 7, 619 00 Brno, Czech Republic
tel.: +420 548 220 077
e-mail: info@100mega.cz

100MEGA Distribution s.r.o.
Železná 7, 619 00 Brno, Czech Republic
tel.: +420 777 355 465
e-mail: export@100mega.cz

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