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    who enjoys


  • General partner
    Czech National PC Games
    Championship (MČR)

We are 100MEGA

ICT distribution runs in our veins. Our offices in Brno, Prague, Ostrava, České Budějovice and Bratislava cover one of the largest distribution networks in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

We are the producer of HAL3000 – one of the largest PC brands in Czech Republic and the general partner of Czech National PC Games Championship. By joining with i4wifi and ASM in 2018 we extended our portfolio with extended distribution and services for complex telecommunication systems.

Complexity of services, professionalism, and expertise are the Alpha and the Omega of our activities.

  • distribution
    Distribution 610 brands
  • HAL3000
    HAL3000 1. on Czech market
  • i4wifi
    I4WIFI WiFi specialists
  • ASM
    ASM professional networking

Distribution, subdistribution for Czech Republic

We claim that we are the distributor who enjoys IT. And that's true. Our job is our hobby and that is one of the reasons we belong to top Czech ICT distributors. To our clients, we offer a range of business activities in logistics, service, B2B, B2C and wide spectrum of marketing channels.

Our portfolio contains more than 33 000 products. We do not base our company only on tradition. We are always up to date, forward looking and actively adjusting to the changes and requirements of the market.

HAL3000 computer brand

We are experts on computers and gaming. Mainly because we are fans ourselves. Our HAL3000 brand born in 2001 is dedicated to the goal of delivering reliable, tested and precisely designed PCs across the whole customer spectrum.

We produce PCs for office as well as hi-end gaming machines branded with the MČR logo. We are actually the general partner of Czech National PC Games Championship (MČR) and each year we deliver hundreds of PCs made specially for this event.

  • 20 year of tradition
  • 230 000+ produced and sold PCs
  • General partner of Czech National PC Games Championship (MČR)
  • A new MČR PC line for the most demanding players each year
  • 3 years of careless service
  • Regularly among the TOP 10 best selling PCs on CZC, MALL, Mironet
Go to the HAL3000.cz site


Expertise, professionalism, quantities of knowledge and experience shared. Since 2003, i4wifi company has been a wholesale distributor of wireless, metallic and optical connections. They organize regular workshops (not only) for RouterOS Mikrotik, Ubiquiti or GPON systems. During all those years, our colleagues have trained more than 7000 IT specialists.

The company provides technical support for their clients mainly for the RouterOS Mikrotik. During those 15 years, our colleagues have never faced a request they could not solve and this is also the reason why i4wifi technical support is so highly acclaimed.

  • 17 year of tradition
  • Regular workshops (not only) on RouterOS Mikrotik, Ubiquiti, and GPON
  • Almost 8 000 trained IT specialists
  • We attend to customers in more than 40 countries in the world


one of the world's largest producers of WI-FI equipment for professional use with primary focus on providers of wireless Internet and office networks with central management
one of the most used ISP providers in Europe with focus on complete networks management
one of the top providers of network products for SOHO and SMB segments and of the largest providers of WLAN products


Our vision was to create distribution with added value of complex presale and aftersale services. Joining with ASM was an obvious and logical step.

Since 1991, our colleagues at ASM have been perceived as professionals regarding import and distribution of data and communication networks technologies. With the fusion with 100MEGA, ASM extended its portfolio and 100MEGA extended provided services.

  • 30 years on the market
  • Value Added Distributor – we focus on assembly companies and system integrators and help them with their projects and provide aftersale technical support during implementation – everything included in the cost.


the second largest producer of camera systems in the world and a technological leader.
producer of active network elements with 25 years of experience and focus on industrial implementation and PoE supply.
producer of passive network elements with focus on value/performance.
Years of experience

Our main projects

Thanks to our constant contact with you we know what you are looking for, expecting and what you need. Our eshop is a part of a large B2B (and B2C) portal which we develop according to your current requirements.

Advanced filtering for maximal convenience of your purchase and strict safety rules are a matter of course. Our platform development never ends and we are still adjusting it according to your needs.


Eshop with advanced filtering and security for your convenient and transparent purchase.


Established PC producer. General partner of Czech National PC Games Championship.


Technologies for data and communication networks platforms with full customer support.


Wireless, metallic and optical connections. Professional customer support and workshops.


More than 29 years of experience and cooperation with you lead us to the top of the game. We do not take this for granted. And we do not take you for granted. We always move forward together. See for yourselves.